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LEADERSHIP DISARRAY September 19, 2011

Posted by wmmbb in Australian Politics.

It is an odd development that the policy the Prime Minister has set as a touchstone for her leadership has become reportedly a source of internal disagreement. Or perhaps not.

The polls are heading south for the Government.The Opposition is being opportunistic, but sounding principled, although in reality following the High Court decision it does not have a policy, and much like the Gillard Government it’s policy is inhuman on the pretext it is penalizing the so-called people smugglers rather than refugees. And now it seems, despite Senator Cameron’s acceptance of losing the argument, there are those inside the Government ranks who will not accept the proposed parliamentary provision to gut the obligation to the UN Convention on Refugees.

Polling is presumably more important that principle. Let us suppose that the polling is accurate and that presumably marginal seats will turn on the refugee issue. Does this then mean that the political leadership of this country is so dependent on the media that it believes it does not have the capacity persuade some segments of the electorate to support it? At the very least it suggests that the Government has not the capacity to set the political agenda.

So if it is true that the current PM cannot cut it, then who is the alternative – given that the Leader of the Opposition clearly is not up to the mark?



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