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Posted by wmmbb in Peace.

The Metta Center has issued a video entitled “The Promise and Challenge of Nonviolence”. I published here via Facebook to view the video.

The popular protests in Egypt have removed the dictator, as has the foreign aerial war and ground orchestration in Libya. The testament to methods and principles of nonviolence is that there is a far better prospect to moving to the next critical stage of establishing a viable democratic political system. Success is not guaranteed. One suspects that time is on the side of the Egyptians as it is working against the Libyans.

A major problem I suggest is that popular culture may be saturated with violence, overt and covert. Popular culture, by this estimation, does not present positive stories and role models for nonviolence. Violence then would bes the dominant paradigm, the normalized framework for acceptable thought. The opposite to violence as means of solving problems and getting to live in harmony with others, although there are some rocky parts along the way, almost cannot be recognized. Yet there has to be some reconsideration when the continual application of violence, supposedly to the problem of terrorism as for example in Afghanistan, is not simply a costly stupid failure, despite all the lying, but an absurdity. Terror is the method of war,and “war on war” is absurd by definition.



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