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Posted by wmmbb in Australian Politics.

Successful political decision making requires some understanding of what works and is acceptable to the public at large.

The Prime Minister seems to lack this skill, which seems elementary. I think Richard Farmer is right at Crikey:

Flying home early from the South Pacific Forum meeting in New Zealand is just another example of the Prime Minister’s political wisdom. Rushing to hold an emergency meeting with Cabinet colleagues on how to handle the issue of boat people just adds to the sense of crisis already surrounding this Labor Government. The clever Prime Minister would have stayed on an extra day to watch Australia’s first game in the rugby union World Cup rather than acting like the Ugly Australian and walking out on the final official dinner held for the leaders of our Pacific neighbours.

So who, if anyone, is giving advice on these matters. I suppose it might be a qualification for the job that the applicant for prime minister has experience and ideally success in national political campaign. Of course, Tony Abbott can tick this off on the necessary criteria.



1. Catching up - September 9, 2011

And if she stayed, the criticism would be that she was attending a football match instead of attending to government issues.

Maybe the lady felt she needed a good night’s sleep in her own bed.

wmmbb - September 9, 2011

She would not get too much criticism for attending a football match, or any sport with the national team was involved. This was really a opportunity to a time out from the demands of her office and the political game. Furthermore it would have given her an opportunity to look prime ministerial.

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