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THE CLIMATE GAP September 4, 2011

Posted by wmmbb in co2 emissions, Global Warming Politics.

The proposed tax on carbon emissions is drawing some heat in Australian politics.

Anthony Albanese meets demonstrators outside his electoral office in Marrickville, Sydney on Thursday, 1 September. The demonstration organized by the Consumer and Taxpayer Association, who oppose the Carbon Tax because it has been so watered down it will not be effective and say they expect high ethical standards from their elected politicians, thus including the Leader of the Opposition.

They say they want democracy. “How dare you call us names!” And then immediately another demonstrator says: “You are a gutless loser”. And so it goes. At least they are not scripted. He takes questions and give answers, including his labeling the truck convoy protest earlier in Canberra as a convoy of no consequence. One women in particular keeps yelling out so as not to listen. Then Sophia Mirabella gives a stump speech in which she says do not let anybody deny you the right to have your say. The you tube video, via Crikey, records the scene:

Despite the claim by CATA that they believe the environment can be protected by direct action policies – whatever that means – the video evidence is strongly that the followers are climate change deniers, or perhaps more simply that they have no general understanding of global warming.

Across the Pacific there comes another video that steps into the future and looks back to the present from the viewpoint of future generations:

Planetize the Movement from Drew Dellinger on Vimeo.

We have only to widen the view to imagine the suffering that will be further wrought now and increasingly generation by generation into the future. Perhaps the refusal to accept the thoroughly evaluated science is the real moral issue, and while we should expect ethical standards and proper conduct in the formulation of public policy for the common good on the part of our leaders, we should be applying the standards we have set for ourselves.



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