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Posted by wmmbb in Israel-Palestine, Middle East.

Politics of violence, with Israel at the centre, continue in the ongoing confrontation in the Middle East.

The Israeli Government has done something remarkable by its own standards. It has given an apology to Egypt for the death of three police killed.

Three for part of the retaliation for an attack along the shared Sinai border had killed several Israeli soldiers. The Israelis also launched retaliatory air strikes in Gaza. There attacks on civilians went unnoticed by the United Nations Security Council.

In Cairo protesters gathered outside the Israeli Embassy and called for Ambassador to be expelled. David D. Kirkpatrick and Isabel Kershiner in The New York Times observed the significance of the change in the political situation in Egypt:

The crisis has been the sharpest signal yet that the revolution that toppled President Hosni Mubarak in February is transforming the three-decade-old alliance between Egypt and Israel that has been the cornerstone of the regional political order.

By removing Mr. Mubarak’s authoritarian but dependably loyal government, the revolution has stripped away a bulwark of Israel’s position in the region, unleashing the Egyptian public’s pent-up anger at Israel over its treatment of the Palestinians at a time when a transitional government is scrambling to maintain its own legitimacy in the Egyptian streets.

And on the Israeli side, the border violence has meant that the portestors have if not been driven off the streets, have been excluded from the television screens. One suspects that neither in Cairo or Tel Aviv the protests have not run their course with the issues fully resolved.



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