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Posted by wmmbb in CENTRAL ASIA.

A helicopter crashes in Afghanistan which becomes a leading story. Local witnesses suggest that it was shot down.

On hitting the ground the aircraft burns and explodes presumably leaving very little evidence to suggest what occurred. Nevertheless, we are told that circumstances of the crash will be determined at a later time.

Al Jazeera provides a report with analysis:

Perhaps the photos of the burnt-out tankers are more significant than the crash of the helicopter? There is a back story of night raids and drone missile attacks, with their attendant and foreseeable civilian deaths that do not get the same media coverage. There is a least a suggestion that the imposition of political control by violence is not working out well in Afghanistan, regardless of the serious knock on effects of that endeavour in Pakistan. It is possible to imagine as the costs of the war increase, withdrawal will be more likely, but what will be the consequences for the people?

The slaughter of war is inhuman – not a cause for celebration. It raises vengeance and retaliation over human dignity.


Juan Cole describes the rush to the exits. The Australian Government is not among the first to leave, presumably placing its association with the United States over the safety of it’s soldiers. A position on which there appears to be bipartisan consensus.



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