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Posted by wmmbb in Australian Politics.

The anniversary of the demotion of Kevin Rudd and ascent to Prime Minister by Julia Gillard apparently falls due next Friday.

Phillip Corey reports in The Sydney Morning Herald that former Premier of Queensland, Peter Beattie is providing advice to Rudd:

Mr Beattie, who has long had a tense relationship with Mr Rudd, said the former prime minister was damaging his reputation. He said he should never have agreed to the interviews, even if he did pledge support for Ms Gillard.
”It’s what people do, not what people say that matters,” he said. ”The country and the Labor Party and the nation are more important than this. The only one who wins out of this is Tony Abbott.”
Mr Beattie said he understood the pain Mr Rudd still felt but he needed to move on. ”If we don’t put an end to this, it will be devastating to Labor’s vote and there will be a change of government.”
The polls have sent shockwaves though Labor ranks but yesterday the key factional bosses Paul Howes and Don Farrell were rock solid behind Ms Gillard.
Changing leaders would be complicated because the independents might desert Labor and consign it to opposition.
The NSW independent Rob Oakeshott said his deal to support Labor was made with Ms Gillard and his allegiance would not automatically switch.

Anything would be better than the clueless person who was delivered to us by the likes of Howe and Farrell. Kevin Rudd is an option. There should be others.

The problem for governments everywhere is that now opinion polls are delivered each week providing a consistent stream of punishment or reinforcement. The time frame is reduced to the news cycle and the behavior is similarly constrained. Government has to be about long term objectives, not just immediate contingencies. That said, it would be a good idea if the opinion of the punters was respected. I suspect it is very widespread and runs deep in this case.


There is a tendency to be overcritical, or unappreciative, of those who hold public office. Vision, which is I would believe, a crucial ingredient of leadership, is one of those abilities that is normally distributed, but a good prime minister is a person who is gifted in that regard. The climate debate, is for me, a very good example. Provided we are not too late with extreme weather condition unleashed, there is a positive story to explain.



1. Chris Grealy - June 20, 2011

Beattie knows better than to give oxygen to a media beatup. Did he really say any of that? Give em nothing would be my approach.

wmmbb - June 20, 2011

Polls are inherently newsworthy. There results with respect to Julia Gillard’s leadership and the response of the voters ought to give the Government pause. The antipathy between Beattie and Rudd apparently runs deep.

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