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Posted by wmmbb in Middle East.

Whether of not, the following news is a straight report or satire is hard to tell. Could it be the case the Israel military and government think in these terms?

Dominic Waghorn reports for Sky News:

Israel is warning organisers of another pro-Palestinian flotilla heading for Gaza that violence will be met with violence. A senior Israeli military source briefed a select group of news organisations including Sky News to deliver the message as activists in Turkey and Greece prepare to set sail. He spoke anonymously in keeping with Israeli military rules on briefing journalists. “We’ll do anything that we have to to stop these ships breaking a security maritime blockade.” The uncompromising threat comes despite the risk of a repeat of the military and PR debacle during Israel’s previous operation to prevent the breach of its sea blockade of Gaza.

. . . The outrage that followed forced Israel to ease its blockade of Gaza.The Israeli source insisted the military had learned lessons from last year’s botched operation but said there was a limit to which PR considerations could determine Israel’s ability to safeguard its security.”If the same violence will be on board, there is a pretty good chance there will be injuries on board.”

Israel insists it has a right to enforce a maritime blockade because it is in a state of armed conflict with the rulers of Gaza.

One imagines that people are supposedly serious. If so it is not hard to understand why those Israelis who can are seeking passports from other countries. The policy of ethnic cleansing is always a tricky affair, aside from any moral misgivings, especially if those who are dispossessed do not go away, often because they cannot.

There will be a boat from the USA named “The Audacity of Hope” with one-quarter Jewish passengers. We will see how that goes. Law and Disorder Radio interviewed Felice Gellman and Richard Levy, who will be a passenger to Gaza. Alice Walker (” The Color Purple”) is also sailing. These and other details are available at USTOGAZA.


Ray McGovern at Consortium News gives his reasons for sailing to Gaza.

At Truthout, Noam Chomsky reviews the critical role of the US in the Israeli-Palestinian stand-off.



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