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Posted by wmmbb in Iraq Policy.

The British Attorney-General has rejected making an application to High Court to re-open an inquest into the death of former Iraq UN weapons inspector Dr Kelly who died in 2003.

His body was found shortly after he was revealed to be the BBC source of a report questioning the accuracy of the case made by the then Labour Government for involvement in the (illegal) Iraq Invasion – and subsequent mass murder, destruction of property and displacement of people. A group of doctors questioning the findings of the Hutton Inquiry on medical grounds argue that there has been an cover-up by subsequent governments and are seeking a judicial review of the AG’s decision.

As reported in The Independent, the doctors led by Dr Stephen Frost argue:

the doctors pointed out that Lord Hutton spent only half a day of his 24-day inquiry considering the cause of Dr Kelly’s death. They have denounced the Hutton report as a “whitewash” which “failed adequately to address the cause of death itself and the manner of death”.

They argued: “No coroner in the land would have reached a suicide verdict on the evidence which Lord Hutton heard. “The coroner is required to hear evidence which constitutes proof beyond reasonable doubt that the deceased killed himself and that he intended to kill himself, before he may return a verdict of suicide. Lord Hutton did not hear evidence which came near to satisfying that test.”

Dr Frost said: “It is therefore very surprising and perplexing that the Attorney General today supports those who wish to deny Dr Kelly a proper inquest. “This is clearly a political decision when it should have been a decision based solely on the law. “This Government has now revealed itself to be complicit in a determined and concerted cover-up. “Four successive governments have sought to obscure the truth of what happened. The cover-up could not be more obvious.” He condemned the “deeply flawed” decision, saying it had “no basis in law”, and called for Mr Grieve to resign.

In his statement Attorney-General Grieve said he reached his decision independently.There will be interest in seeing whether judges will a contrary reach a view of the circumstances of Dr Kelly’s death, whether their findings will support the official line.



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