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Posted by wmmbb in Natural Environment.

Germany’s Environment Minister, Norbert Rottgen, announced that all nuclear power plants in the country would be shut down by 2022.

This is a striking and extraordinary development given the decision has been made by the Christian Democrats in government. It may reflect the electoral progress made by the Greens, who despite their demonisation in Australia by the usual suspects, have in government contributed enormously to the development of alternative energy sources which in turn allows the decision to be feasible.

Al Jazeera reports that Angela Merkel had set up an ethics committee following the meltdown of the Fukushima plant in Japan. Other countries, in particular China will, one imagines, be giving careful consideration to the Japanese disaster.

The question then might be what influence, if any, the German decision might have on the Chinese?

The BBC reports the conservative French Government has taken the contrary position to the Germans


At Public Opinion, Gary points out the cost of solar panels continues to fall, making solar energy a cost effective compared to coal.



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