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Posted by wmmbb in Australian Politics.

Pauline Hanson is alleging sabotage occurred during the counting of votes for the NSW Legislative Assembly in which she missed out on securing the final place.

Alexandra Smith reports in The Sydney Morning Herald:

THE NSW Electoral Commission is investigating an email exchange allegedly between two senior staff members as part of Pauline Hanson’s challenge of the state election count. The One Nation founder is challenging the March 26 count, after being told ”dodgy staff” at the commission had mistakenly put 1200 votes for her in a pile of blank ballots.

Ms Hanson, an independent candidate for the upper house, says a source within the commission told her about the lost votes after forwarding her an email allegedly from the commission’s chief information officer, Ian Brightwell, to its communications manager, Richard Carroll. The email allegedly urged Mr Carroll not to mention any ”possible provision for a recount” to any media outlets and made reference to a ”few dodgy electoral staff” who were involved in the count.

In the Court of Disputed Returns yesterday, Acting Justice Michael Grove directed the commission to produce by Monday ”all reports, documents and emails” related to Ms Hanson’s votes.

If true this will certainly be an interesting development. My understanding is that all votes are counted at the polling booths, where they are scrutinized by usually party representatives.



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