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DRONE PROTESTS April 26, 2011

Posted by wmmbb in Terrorism Issues.

Democracy Now reports two protests against remote-controlled drone killings. It is not simply that they are impersonal and dehumanized, there are also mistakes which are so predictable as to suggest criminal negligence.

In Pakistan on Sunday, thousands of protesters blocked a key US supply route. Thousands of trucks were reported to be delayed – an interesting reflection of the extraordinary cost of the war. The instigator of the demonstration was the well known troublemaker and former Pakistan cricket captain, Imran Khan. He said that the protest was necessary to protect the people because their government would not, and to point out to the Americans that their actions were counterproductive (which surely they must know).

Apparently drones are being operated from Syracuse, NY. Twenty-seven people were arrested outside the Hancock Air National Guard base. Speaking at the rally, Ann Wright said:

“As a former colonel, as a retired colonel, as a former government official who has been with the government forty years, I think my greatest public service is now challenging the government and challenging these things called drones. These drones, and you might as well just call them assassination machines, that’s what these drones are used for. Targeted assassination, extrajudicial ultimate death for people who have not been convicted of anything.”

And then in Libya where drones have been introduced into “combat” operations to save civilians, Colonel Gaddafi’s headquarters were bombed, causing three televisions stations to shut down. His supporters declared that they were prepared to act as human shields. Nato declared that was unwise. The meme of saving civilians, I predict, will soon be forgotten despite the fact that the supposed reason for the war, authorized no less by the United Nations Security Council.

Are drone missile attacks a form of terrorism or are they a means of war?



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