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Posted by wmmbb in Middle East.

Reporting based on emails sent from Bahrain beggars belief. Not only have doctors been rounded up, but one doctor was arrested during an operation. This is the level of behavior that warrants outrage, if not a bombing campaign to protect civilians.

The information was obtained from emails sent from a doctor in Bahrain to a colleague in the UK. Jeremy Laurance reports for The Independent:

The author of the emails, a senior surgeon at the Salmaniya Medical Complex, Bahrain’s main civil hospital, was taken in for questioning at the headquarters of the interior ministry in Manama. He never re-emerged. No reason has been given for his arrest, nor has there been any news of his condition.

In a series of emails, passed on in the hope of drawing attention to the plight of he and his colleagues, the surgeon describes appalling scenes at Salmaniya hospital, with staff being threatened and detained in increasing numbers for treating injured democracy protesters.

“Interrogation committees question me about our role in treating the injured protesters, who are considered now criminal for protesting against the government,” he said, shortly before being detained. “We said we were there to treat patients and have nothing to do with politics.

“I don’t have good feeling about things going on in Bahrain. So many of our consultant surgeon and physician colleagues been arrested at pre-dawn raids and disappear.”

On 17 February, at the start of the demonstrations, he wrote: “It has been a long day in the theatre with massively injured patients equivalent to a massacre. Things are still volatile and [I] hope there will be no more death.”

By mid-March the situation had deteriorated rapidly: “Right now I am in the hospital exhausted and overwhelm by number of youth lethally injured casualty, it’s genocide to our people and our hospital doctor and nurses are targeted for helping patients by pro government militia, so many doctors and nurses been physically attached for just attending injured one. ambulances smashed or targeted by military.

“I well leave know, marshal law imposed just few hours ago. I am grateful for what [name cut] taught me, it make it possible for me to help and save allot over the last days.”

There followed a long silence before he wrote again: “Three weeks of hell. The military took control of the Salmaniya Hospital, doctors, nurses, paramedics and patients treated as suspects by soldiers and policemen. Daily interrogation and detention to some of our colleges.” He added: “Very much intimidated and frighten.”

If there was consistency, and the application of the rule, then international action would be taken as a matter of course against the dictator of Bahrain. That does not apply, so we have double standards and double thinking. They probably calculate that if the Israeli Government can get away with murder and abuse of natural rights why should they with their Saudi allies.


Not that I appreciate the significance of the difference, but the notional fault line that runs through the Muslim World dividing Sunni and Shia, which puts Iran and Iraq on one side, has been aggravated by these events. I have heard that Shia mosques have been destroyed in Bahrain. Gareth Porter refers to this alignment as a failure of US policy in this discussion on Anti.War radio with Scott Horton.



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