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Posted by wmmbb in Humankind/Planet Earth.

Chris Hedges stands before those worshiping in the temples of greed in NYC. He addresses a small crowd in Union Square.

Here is the video (via Truthdig):

This is a remarkable analytically incisive, secular sermon, worthy of Karl Marx. Chris Hedges is talking about a fundamental framing shift. The fundamental question here, as it seems always is: Can a system of violence be replaced by nonviolence, or will it continue to remorselessly lead to continued violence. Could power be used limit greed and by implication violence and domination to produce justice and peace? And it seems to be the case that self government is as important as systems of government. It is comparatively easier to say what is wrong, than to develop a program to do what is right.

Corporations, for example, are systems of government. By their current design they are mechanisms for concentrating power and wealth into the pockets of the few. Corporations come to dominate markets by the processes of monopoly capitalism. It seems to me that if the corporate design was changed, independent of the market system, then it might be possible to achieve other outcomes.

Chris Hedges is right to condemn the outcomes, but does not give enough credit to the fact that we all are subsumed by systems and blinded to some degree by ideologies. We are all in this together, and in so far as we behave in non-constructive ways we are contributing to the problem. Someone should have observed somewhere along the way that we are all sinners, and we should exercise care in condemning others in a way that negates their humanity. Unless there is a sense of compassion for perceived wrong doers, the default position of nonviolence is removed.



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