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Posted by wmmbb in Peace.

There has been some talk recently about the lack of vision in Federal Politics. I suspect it is the case there is not such thing as a national vision any more, at least if we are going to seriously address global issues such as anthropogenic global warming.

Violence has a social cost (as if we did not know). David Edwards for The Raw Story reports on the findings of the Institute for Economics and Peace:

The institute also found that peace has a major impact on the economy. If the U.S. had that same level of peacefulness as Canada, there would be a positive economic effect of over $361 billion, and it would generate 2.7 million jobs.

“Peace translates into dollars and cents, IEP Founder Steve Killelea said . . . “We have seen this in the findings of the 2010 Global Peace Index, where we found that a 25 percent reduction in global violence would free up $1.8 trillion USD annually.”

“We are seeing the same thing with the USPI. By increasing peace, the United States can ensure that these unrealized billions are available to reduce taxes, stimulate the economy or invest in the nation’s infrastructure, schools, communities, and small businesses,” he added.

The problem is that violence is very profitable business for some, but bad business for most. It is a business universally agreed that the costs should be socialized. And then there is the belief that violence works, when it almost always fails in the short term and creates far greater problems for the long term.

Polemics aside, it is interesting to observe the most peaceful countries in the world (and Libya,Tunisia and Egypt were doing comparatively well – make of that what you will. In the US, Maine may be cooler than Louisiana but it is less violent.



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