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Posted by wmmbb in Personal Experience.

Hospitals are the test of civilization, but operations of any type are best avoided if possible.

At one level, I have to be very grateful that I can get inside the doors and into the operating theatre without having large, potentially crippling financial cost. Still it is the nature of operations that things can go wrong – and sometimes that has to do with the hospital environment.

My kidney specialist, who knows about matters medical, tells me that a repair should fix my umbilical hernia. I have learnt from Google there is not alternative to an operation without hasty implications. The information from the hospital suggests that a small cut will be made, but that was not the way my surgeon was talking.

My 94 year old friend around the corner was very critical of my squeamishness on this procedure. My partner tells me about her multiple experiences of been under anesthetic, not to mention her two near death experiences that saw her in the Intensive Care Ward on successive Christmases.

So I will gather what little courage I am able to bring to bear tomorrow and head off on the long trip southward to Shellharbour and discover whether I can come through. As my aforementioned friend sometimes comments once you die all your troubles are over, although he takes great care to make sure that his affairs are fully attended to.

POSTSCRIPT: 31 April 2010

Gosh that was quick. I have no memory of what happened. One minute I was talking to a pleasant doctor, and then it seems I was being wheeled to the Surgical Ward.The surgical team performed, to my knowledge, three hernia operations on one day. I did not get a good night’s sleep in hospital. Even though I have been somewhat miserable, I was pleased to come home today as a walking wounded. All I have to do now is take things steady, and I will recover.



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