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Posted by wmmbb in Australian Politics.

The political climate has to the be suitable for independent candidates to do well. In Saturday’s NSW election the number of independents has been reduced by half from six to three.

Although the result will depend on the distribution of preferences, it does not look as if Gordon Bradbury will be successful in Wollongong. As the count stands the seat is still in doubt, but the result will be the work of the optional preferential system, specifically the decision by the Liberals not to preference the Greens.The seat is now marginal in the true sense. I doubt whether the sitting member, if she retains the seat, will be given pre-selection for the next election, but the damage to the Labor brand has been done by a poor quality candidate.

Pauline Hanson appears to have been the most successful independent standing for the Legislative Council. She looks as though she might be elected, although Antony Green is not sure.

John Hatton’s Independents received only 1.12% of the vote that puts them on a par with the No Parking Meters Party. Clearly, John Hatton who has actually achieved a few things for the State, does not have the celebrity status that attaches to Pauline Hanson.

This NSW Election was not a fit for the claims of the independents. ABC News has the Legislative Council voting at the close of polls. Antony Green was suggesting that ALP preferences might see the Greens pick up the last position.

UPDATE: 12 April 2011

Running as an independent, Pauline Hanson missed out on the final spots for the Legislative Council. This was a result I was happy to see. Nonetheless her points about the system favoring the political parties over independents were well made.



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