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Posted by wmmbb in Human Rights, Terrorism Issues.

The mainstream media have ignored the torture of David Hicks.

Of course, with the tools of wedge politics and PR, we cannot conceive that our democratically elected politicians might be responsible. Responsibility and a commitment to truth is for some a bridge too far. The issue is what can be got away with. The case of David Hicks illustrates that particular politicians can get away with a lot. Jason Leonard interviews David Hicks and wrote “My Torture Journey . . .”

Where were the watchdogs of the media? The answer is that they fall into line with the dominant narrative, failing to appreciate that violence creates violence, so that the implications of 9/11 become much more they would have been. Someone should have known that the poor US attempt to assert itself with violence would lead to disgraceful outcomes as they always do. They thought they were been tough guys, not criminals, awaiting the inevitable indictment (the relevant section is about 34 minutes into the Cindy Sheehan interview with William Pepper in which reference is made to the Spanish action).


I am not very reliable on what the mainstream does or does not do, since I do not watch and for the most part do not listen to it. I am blessed.



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