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TAHRIR VICTORY MARCH February 19, 2011

Posted by wmmbb in Middle East, North Africa.

The multitudes have regathered this Friday on Cairo’s Tahrir Square reminding those who still hold the levers of power that the people have risen, and remembering those that fell for the cause.

Thomas Gorguissian, an Egyptian journalist and writer, currently working for the Egyptian online daily Dustour, speaks to Al Jazeera:

It seems to me this approach might very well work. The military police were checking people before they entered the square and handing out flags. Unlike Bahrain, the army will not fire on the people in Egypt, and with the end of fear, the tyranny is over, although the emergence of the form of the new government is not yet clear. Juan Cole suggested that a parliamentary democracy would be adopted making a break with the presidential system and the recourse to emergency rule.

Other problems beset humanity, such as climate change and global warming, but movement on one front can be a precursor for positive change in other areas.


At AntiWar.com, Eric Margolis suggests this is the classic bait and switch, from business suit to military uniform, accounting for the enthusiasm of US public office H Clinton. (By the way, this is shocking treatment of Ray McGovern. Veterans for Peace issued a press release.).



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