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Posted by wmmbb in Australian Politics.

The Sydney Morning Herald has an article by Daniel Flitton that if its premise is correct is surely grounds for dismissing the Treasurer, and by implication the Government.

Surely, it is an absurdity to suppose that funding for a department depends on the relationship between two politicians. The article suggests:

KEVIN RUDD’S once close relationship with the Treasurer, Wayne Swan, has disintegrated so badly that Foreign Affairs insiders doubt the cash-strapped department can win any extra funds in the budget.

The coup that toppled Mr Rudd as prime minister last year has soured ties between the men, who attended the same Nambour high school and later worked for Labor in Queensland.

Government sources said the two had barely spoken in the six months since Julia Gillard replaced Mr Rudd as Prime Minister and made Mr Swan her deputy.

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Mr Swan was Treasurer under Mr Rudd and helped devise the mining tax that many consider instrumental in his downfall.

Foreign Affairs officials are bracing for a terrible budget as plans are drawn to meet Labor’s promise to slash $45.5 million from the department – 20 overseas officers are expected to be recalled and 24 Canberra positions scrapped.

This follows a $124 million cut to the foreign service when Mr Rudd was prime minister, which surprised many given his past diplomatic career and close interest in foreign policy.

Then again it could all be another journalistic fantasy. And as they say in broad generalization about bloggers, who are citizens, a fact that somehow escapes the sharp perception of the chosen media observers of the political process, “what else would your expect”.



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