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The weather around in our part of the world has been unusual for this time of the year. For example, we have experienced moments of unseasonal coldness.

ABC News Online reports that self proclaimed “climate sceptics” have taken evidence of coldness, as is their want, to suggest that global warming is not occurring. Jennifer Macey reports:

A CSIRO scientist is warning authorities not to interpret floods in eastern Australia and snowstorms over Europe and North America as signalling the end of global warming.

NASA research shows that 2010 is the hottest year on record.

Barry Hunt, an honorary research fellow at the CSIRO’s Marine and Atmospheric Research unit, says global temperatures will continue to rise even if there is another cold snap.

“Over the last century, the global mean temperature has gone up by 0.8 degrees [Celsius], and that’s the extent of the global warming, but at the same time, we also have natural climatic variation, and you don’t get one or the other, you get them both. They interact,” he said.

“I found that even up to 2040 and 2050, you can still get cold snaps under greenhouse warming.

“These last two or three months, you get them over Eurasia, or North America, and you can get temperatures 10 to 15 degrees below present temperatures, and that’s just natural variability, pulsing back briefly, overwhelming the greenhouse warming.

“The climate deniers think that unless you’ve got constant warming, every year, that greenhouse warming has gone away. And they forget about the natural variability.

“We should expect now to see the global warming trend take over again.”

Mr Hunt says although climate change sceptics are very vocal, the evidence is clear.

“The scientific basis is very sound,” he said.

“The basic long-term trend over the next 100 years is for a steady global warming, and over most of Australia we can expect to see rainfall decline.

“Despite the variability from year to year, there will be a long-term drying trend over most of Australia.”

The premise on which “the sceptics” work is that the scientists who study the weather, don’t know anything about the subject of their inquiry. Often it is the case, it is the sceptics who are the less informed.


The objection may well be put that the case of the sceptics is been misrepresented. Propaganda and public relations, which are in effect the same things, get upset by the lack of integrity – if they are affected.

My prediction, expectation, is that as extreme weather events become more frequent, effective and efficient government will become more important, and those who would reduce those qualities will suffer greater consequences. Ultimately the solution to the crisis in the atmosphere, which in its essence may be the cultural assumption that human systems can operate independently of natural systems, lies in better global government. If the proposition that government is needed, then it is better if it is democratic. Often, I suspect, those who argue against government are implicitly arguing against democracy.


“Idiot wind” – you guessed it – is all happening ¬†at Catallaxy. Of course, this argumentum ad hominen, a fine basis for judgment, but it does not begin here. A 0.8 degree Celsius increase in mean global temperature does not sound much.

David Sirota reviews the fine disdain the very rich have for the very, and not so, poor as they hollowed out essential government services in the cause of lower taxes for themselves under the guise of a discredited economic ideology. Since when did cruelty and humanity have anything in common? Climate change unfortunately is not going away.



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