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THE WAR COMES HOME December 27, 2010

Posted by wmmbb in CENTRAL ASIA.

Who would have thought that the reflective compliance and complicity in the American and Corporate Empire would mean the evil of the Afghan War would come home to us?

“Soma” might put us to sleep and television befuddle our brains, but it the rational person in the street, or in the back of the court, knows full well that “collateral damage” is cold-blooded murder. One can only speculate on the state of those plan and carry out these activities. And then wonder about them as human beings. Brian Cloughley, at Informed Comment describes the meaning of the term.

Rafael Epstein report in The Sydney Morning Herald, based on the Wikileak information, suggests that the Australian Federal Police are part of the process of identifying people for assassination in Afghanistan. He writes:

AUSTRALIAN police in Afghanistan have helped compile secret intelligence files on insurgent leaders later targeted in capture-or-kill missions by special forces soldiers.

The Pentagon has confirmed that Australian Federal Police officers are ”assigned to work with” a joint police task force in Kabul that produces files used by military commanders to “shape the battlefield” – a term often used to describe the capture-or-kill raids mounted by elite troops in Afghanistan.

While Australian police are officially not allowed to contribute intelligence for military purposes, in reality they have little control over who uses the information they help compile.

Cables obtained by WikiLeaks and provided exclusively to the Herald show how the joint police effort in Kabul has been hampered by a lack of staff. A request from the US embassy in October last year said more officers were needed to help others working under the joint command of the Afghan government and NATO.

There has been a rise in capture-or-kill missions aimed at insurgents, with as many as 17 raids a night in Afghanistan by special forces teams from Australia, the US, Britain and other countries. The soldiers work off a secret hit list, a centralised military database that includes information from police intelligence.

The analogy suggests itself that the disease of violence spreads by contagion and extends back into the society that associates itself with it, even as in the case of Australia the intention was to have the Afghan War at a distance.



1. joni crocs - December 28, 2010

just wanted to say I appreciate the effort. I’m hoping to read more of the subject matter in the future

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