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COMETH THE LAW December 19, 2010

Posted by wmmbb in Humankind/Planet Earth.

Those who believe as the servants of the Uber Power that they are above the law, and that they can indulge themselves in crimes against humanity, sure run for cover when the law shows up. All is not lost. And that is a glimmer of light.

Juan Cole relates:

The Guardian reports that a lawsuit brought by a Pakistani journalist over wrongful deaths in drone strikes has forced the CIA station chief in Islamabad to flee the country. The official’s identity was discovered by the journalist, Karim Khan of North Waziristan from other journalists or possibly from disgruntled elements in the Pakistani military. It was alleged that the station chief had entered the country on a tourist visa and so had no diplomatic immunity.

The episode demonstrates the miseries of postmodern warfare, wherein President Obama is treating Pakistan the way Henry Kissinger treated Cambodia. If the US is going to conduct military operations in a country, it should be in the terms of a Status of Forces Agreement, and should be carried out by the Department of Defense. To have the CIA just lob missiles onto civilian villages in another country is wrong for all kinds of reasons. CIA operations are covert and US officials cannot even talk about them in public. There therefore can be no public debate or scrutiny of the policy. And, the whole operation breaks US law, since it is essentially a mass assassination campaign, not a war.

The murder continues apace, even as the weasel words justifying it are dissected by Gwynne Dyer:

The United States and its allies are unwittingly trapped in an Afghan civil war between the Pashtuns and everybody else. That’s why 98 percent of NATO casualties happen in Pashtun-majority areas. It’s also why the Afghan army that Washington is trying to build up (so that it can leave) is overwhelmingly made up of Tajiks, Hazaras, Uzbeks – anybody but Pashtuns. They don’t even speak the same language as the insurgents.

. . . Al-Qaeda’s members were (and still are) revolutionaries trying to win power, mainly in Arab countries. Back then, they were getting nowhere because they lacked popular support. The 9/11 attacks were intended to sucker the United States into invading a Muslim country, in order to inflame Muslim opinion against Washington and the governments it backs in the Arab world. Then, perhaps, some of al-Qaeda’s stalled revolutions might actually happen,

No surprise there. That’s a standard terrorist strategy, though few people in Washington seem to realise it. But the Taliban were already in power; they didn’t need a revolution. Why would they back an al-Qaeda operation that would trigger a US invasion and get them driven from power? It’s very unlikely that they even knew about it in advance.

Obama, his Administration and the US power elite are not that dumb. They are up to something else for which they are prepared to murder hundreds of thousands of human beings and counting. Can they, as any government aspiring to a democracy should, hold them accountable? In the meantime, one minion is running. And R Cheney is saved by hundreds of millions of dollars.


Paul McGeough, in the Sydney Morning Herald, describes the military and political failure that is Afghanistan after ten years. G W Bush could hand this problem along with others off to his successor, so what might B Obama do? It is likely that the people of Afghanistan will be abandoned, possibly to a worst state of affairs.

Patrick Cockburn suggests that a military strategy with a political strategy, as in Vietnam, will fail in Afghanistan.



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