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Posted by wmmbb in Duckspeak.

Truth, so the cliche runs, is the first casualty in war.

The principle appears equally to be the case in the adversarial, often psuedo-democratic process, in which much mainstream media appears to play the role of facilitator to power rather than watchdog of democracy.

Conspiracy is in the air. Commentary builds on commentary, and a good meme without attention to detail but supporting the constructed prejudice can run a long way. Who knows what influence, if any, Gerard Henderson wields at The Sydney Morning Herald but the essences of his arguments, if they can be so-described, can be seen and heard elsewhere.

He is into the meme that Julian Assange is another celebrity figure with a devoted fan base, of course like Oprha Winfrey but more like Bonnie and Clyde. Then there are those like Ray McGovern who appear incongruously to be fans of a principle expounded by Thomas Jefferson. Television is a wonder to behold:

Of course, Wikileaks might be the Rubicon in flood in a historical counter-empire development – or it might not – but there were other examples where governmental confidentially and secrecy were shared with the populace. The “right to secrecy”, trumpeted apparently without irony by The Sydney Morning Herald sub editors sometimes falls foul of political expediency.

The story of David Kelly’s death by misadventure never quite seemed convincing, but the 24 hour news cycle moves on, except when there is a need to move back in which case reputations can be re-varnished. The Raw Story reports that the British Government may re-open the inquest into this death that was attributed to suicide which seems to be contradicted by earlier reports of the absence of blood.

Could this development, driven by the interest of The Daily Mail be an example of investigative journalism? Whatever, sedated by flow of the constant sound and sight of television what chance do the the voters have of being better than “senseless things”.



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