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Posted by wmmbb in Humankind/Planet Earth.

The illusion of power is a form of stupidity, or otherwise it it hard to explain the events surrounding the incarceration of Julian Assange.

Stupidity may be more subtle than we are given to believe. Would it not be obvious that creating the largest military machine in the world would entitle you are a matter of course to bully everybody in sight. Killing hundreds of thousands of human beings is not enough, and so it is necessary to use other methods, such as when an independent Spanish judiciary – the history of fascism has something to do with that – wants to make trouble for the powerful ones. Prior to the disclosures that were so deplorable, as if a word emit in faux rage is an argument, these matters were covert.

Now while Assange, remains in custody, on the basis of allegations but not evidence, because after all he might flee – but where? – we are hear descriptions of show trial. Jason Ditz, at AntiWar.com correctly foresaw:

The Swedish government intends to appeal against the decision to grant Assange bail, and such a move could come within the next couple of hours, but their reluctance to provide even a semblance of evidence against him is clearly grating on Riddle, and he is unlikely to seriously consider such a move without a major change in the attitude of the Swedish lawyers, who mocked his notion that they provide evidence as “irrelevant.”

And they were successful as confirmed by reports by the BBC and The Independent.

The powerful ones control the television, and so they therefore believe the minds of the viewers and voters. Who am I to say that represents the same stupidity as the war machine?



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