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Posted by wmmbb in CENTRAL ASIA.

There are no humanitarian wars, and Afghanistan is not the exception. War are crude and inhuman. They are exercises in violence and ego.

In Afghanistan, as might be expected, the hospital system is not able to cope with demand.
Al Jazeera reports:

Afghan injuries overwhelm hospitals – Asia – Al Jazeera English.

Then there are echoes of Vietnam in the report from The New York Times, which as might be expected suggests that blowing up of supposedly booby trapped houses and even whole villages around Kandahar is justified. Oh, and they provide compensation, so that makes it alright. The report suggests the blowing of buildings has become a matter of first recourse, for those who do not have to live with the consequences, and arguably are engaged in war crimes. The Times report notes (via War in Context):

Activists at the organization Afghanistan Rights Monitor have been critical of the campaign. “These are all mud houses, quite humble houses,” said Akmal Dawi, of the group, “so they are just taking the easiest way and saying, ‘We will destroy them and then help them rebuild, give them a couple hundred dollars and show we are on their side.’ ”

However, with winter approaching and the fight continuing, owners are not likely to begin rebuilding anytime soon. “It’s not enough,” Mr. Dawi said. “People will not be satisfied with that.”

The number of refugees from the districts around Kandahar is difficult to determine, because most of them stay with relatives or friends in the city, but local officials estimate that nearly 1,000 families have fled Zhare and Arghandab in the past month alone. Many others left before military operations stepped up, fleeing Taliban domination in the area.

Abdul Rahim Khan, 50, a tribal elder from Spirwan in Panjwai District, claimed that in many cases the American troops had been destroying empty homes, even when there were not any explosives inside. However, military officers pointed out, searching empty homes was often too dangerous.

“People are not happy with the compensation,” said a tribal elder in Zhare, who said he was afraid to give his name for publication. “Compensation is just kicking dirt in our eyes.”

Afghanistan is such a happy, humanitarian war.


Democracy Now reports the Canadian Foreign Minister has announced combat troops will be withdrawn from Afghanistan next year and when on to say that did not mean that Canada would be abandoning the Afghan people.



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