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MAKING WAR November 16, 2010

Posted by wmmbb in CENTRAL ASIA.

The Prime Minister committed Australia to ten more years of the occupation war in Afghanistan, by which time she will be long gone and perhaps the soldiers will be too.

In the immediate the President in Kabul is causing the Pentagon more trouble than the President in Washington.

These things can be straightened out. Karzai is a brave man, or he has a very good appraisal of the situation. Jason Ditz at AntiWar.com updates the state of play:

Top US Commander in Afghanistan General David Petraeus reportedly responded with “astonishment and disappointment” today after learning that Afghan President Hamid Karzai had criticized the US war effort, calling for them to scale back the offensive and end the practice of night raids, which has killed large numbers of Afghan civilians.

“For Karzai to go this way, and at this particular stage, is really undermining Petraeus’ endeavors,” noted one diplomat. Petraeus reportedly told Afghan officials that Karzai’s criticism was harming the war effort and making the US occupation “untenable.”

The US has regularly clashed with the Afghan President, and while Karzai has regularly condemned the attacks which have killed civilians he has been largely mum on the overall strategy in recent days, apparently indicating no opposition to the US notion of building “permanent bases” in his country.

Petraeus has yet to prove that his public relations skills are matched by his generalship. Petraeus has more concern for concern from Karzai than he appears to have from his nominal boss, President Obama.


Juan Cole notes that “the counter-insurgency” operation around Kandahar has become in the US (and I suspect the Australian) media, and invisible war – much like I suppose the ongoing drone war in Pakistan, Yemen and who knows where else. I suppose that the nature of counter-insurgency is secrecy. Why in a god-fearing, rule of law abiding civilization – no irony intended – would you wish to publish death squads and other paraphernalia of murder and murderers masquerading as a just cause?



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