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CONTEMPTIBLE? July 4, 2010

Posted by wmmbb in Humankind/Planet Earth, Israel-Palestine.

Has Obama sunk to the depths of contempt? According to Ha’aretz, he warned that an inquiry into the murder of its citizens would be bad for the Turkish Government.

Of course, what Obama actually said and meant may be misrepresented. Haaretz’s reported:

United States President Barak Obama warned Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan that an international probe into Israel’s deadly raid on a Gaza-bound flotilla could have negative consequences for Turkey, British Arabic-language daily al-Hayat reported Saturday.

According to the report, Obama warned Erdogan that the international probe which Turkey has demanded could turn into a “double edged sword,” as it could lead to accusations against the passengers on board the Turkish-flagged Mavi Marmara ship, some of whom were members of the pro-Palestinian IHH organization.

Both leaders were meeting at the G20 Summit in Toronto, and I suppose one has to be careful about interpretations. The concerns of Prime Minister Erdogan seem reasonable and proper to me. As far as I am aware, the accusations against IHH are purely a propaganda, rovian technique employed by the Israeli Government, which does not change the essential and critical facts of the case. Erdogan has passed such tests in the past, from more threatening opponents.

The position of the American Government with respect to the occupation and persecution of Palestine is extraordinary and wrong. How is it to be understood? How is Obama to be understood? We know from experience that the views expressed by governments do not necessarily reflect considered public opinion.

The war in Afghanistan against the Resistance, for example, with its’s attendant murder, terror suffering and destruction, is absurd. And the worst of the Afghani Warlords have been American allies in the past. Why would would anybody in conscience in engage in such behavior. Obama is so pathetic, one is left feeling sorry for him. Mass murderers are like that in lacking courage and strength in their humanity I suppose. So what is to be done?

There is an eternal theme here, no doubt literature has the issues covered. The exercise of responsibility depends on qualities other than ambition, capacity, courage and conviction. We who judge our leaders often judge them harshly by not allowing for human failure, but we are right to do so. The problems facing humanity are such that they cannot be ignored.


President Obama’s domestic opponents (via Truthdig) are not taking issue on trivial issues, or so it seems based the color of his skin or his hairstyle. It is worth reflecting that FDR, who presidential historians seem to think was the most outstanding president, got around for much of his time in a wheelchair. The problem as we have witnessed recently with sufficient money using the propaganda techniques, Goebbels pioneered, can turn democratic process on its head.

Clearly, the criticism of Obama goes beyond the color of the skin and style of haircut, when Republican Chairman criticizes the Presidents conduct of the war in Afghanistan. Juan Cole observes:

Self-contradiction poses no conundrum for politicians as long as the public does not notice it. That it is illogical to denigrate Obama as leader while praising the troop surge and the counter-insurgency strategy that he authorized appears not to occur to anyone south of the Mason-Dixon line. Conservatives (with the exception of Libertarians) can embrace this paradox because they hold twin premises. The first is that the United States should always be at war and all of its wars are glorious, righteous and beneficial to all concerned, even the enemy. The second is that a Democratic president is sort of like gay marriage; it is against nature and intrinsically wrong, and while it may actually exist in some times and places, it must be vigorously ignored until it can be undone and safely forgotten about. With a Democratic president in the White House, the munificent War must resemble the virgin birth, having no human author and yet bestowing infinite grace on all.


Obama is not alone in addressing the conventional needs of the circumstance. He campaigned as a populist, and governs as a corporate politician. The lot of a politician is not easy, but like all of us they can be judged by the fruits of their decisions. Often, as Obama clearly does, they believe that violence is the foundation on which political power is constructed in the world. It is futile to be prescriptive for others, but we may be able to build a consensus on problems,values, process and outcomes. When, as many of have, too much of material well being and excess, we tend to caught in the logic of greed, which is the same logic of violence, and hence war becomes habitually necessary, without the added economic inducement of the military-industrial complex. We might live by other principles, such as justice and truth as examples, whatever they may be – and, of course, should we ask those questions?


Juan Cole has different interpretation of President Obama’s response to PM Erdogan. Of course, if peace and justice could be achieved in Palestine and now the Middle East, a lot of problems would be simultaneously solved.

Paul Woodward at War in Context runs with the same idea, quoting Andrew Bacevich’s analysis of the opaque Obama.



1. stan kohls - July 4, 2010

Nothing “contemptible” about it. It is indeed possible that an investigation into the Marmara incident could lead to questioning why Turkey would allow several people committed to a confrontation with the Israelis on a boat which is supposed to be supplying aid to the citizens of Gaza. Why, for e.g., did the folks on the Marmara resist the Israeli boarding with violence, while the other 5 ships submitted to a search, which allowed their supplies to reach Gaza? Why didn’t the people on the Marmara allow their ship to be searched at the Port of Ashdod, as the Israelis requested numerous times? Was the purpose of the flotilla to provide aid to Gaza, or to break the Israeli blockade? If the latter, they got what they asked for.

2. wmmbb - July 4, 2010

Questions are fair enough. Keep in mind the Israelis are lying and spinning propaganda in the best tradition of Goebbels.

Remember the Mavi Marmara is a passenger ferry in international waters. The Israelis attacked with violence, throwing stun grenades. In doing so they were engaged in a criminal act, an act of war. They do not recognize other people’s right to self defence.

Israel has one method and that is to use violence. Why should the ship be searched by Israel. Their incarceration of the Palestinian people is cruel and criminal, as is there blockade.

The purpose of the flotilla, and future flotillas, was to provide humanitarian aid. In the past they have no attempted to block such aid. If you propose that they got what they asked for, in this case the murder of nine people, then you are in effect advocating lawlessness and the proposition that might is right.

Attacking people with the weapons of war, by definition using terror and murder is contemptible, and then to subject a civilian population to deprivation as a method of ethnic cleansing is even more contemptible. Those who support such behavior, whoever they might be, and where ever they might be, are equally contemptible.

The murder of the nine people did not just happen. Criminal negligence was implicit in the method used by the attackers.

The point of an independent international inquiry arises because there are issues related to maritime law and international law generally. Such an inquiry would be the best option to establish the sequence of events and the facts.

3. stan kohls - July 4, 2010

Maybe the Israeli blockade has something to do with the thousands of rockets that have rained down on southern Israel from Gaza over the past couple of years. Perhaps it has something to do with the Hamas govt. of Gaza, sworn to the destruction of Israel, stated explicitly in the Hamas charter. Hamas has declared war on the Israelis, and have backed up this declaration with daily rocket and terrorist attacks. Israel’s blockade is similar to the US blockade of Cuba in 1961, and of the British blockade of Nazi Germany during WW2, both done in “international waters.” These rules do not apply during time of war, and it was Hamas who declared this war.
If the purpose of the flotilla was to provide humanitarian aid to Gaza, why not allow the Israelis to search the Marmara, as it did the other 5 ships? Why resist the Israeli boarding party with violence, unless the primary purpose was confrontation with Israel? Why a flotilla seeking to break the blockade in the 1st place, if humanitarian aid can be sent in through the Port of Ashdod, as has already been done with tons of aid for Gaza every week? Apparently, the Iranians and Syrians have taken the lesson, and have cancelled plans to send similar expeditions.
The purpose of the flotilla was not to provide aid to Gaza, but rather to confront the Israelis and break the blockade. The Turks were complicit in this. What did they expect the Israelis to do, simply allow the flotilla to pass unmolested?

wmmbb - July 4, 2010

Given the risk involved allowing the flotilla through would have been smart. They have taken that option in the past.

Hamas translates as “the Islamic Resistance Movement” and their goal, reasonable enough in a historical context, is the reinstatement of the Palestinians to their expropriated lands, or at least the recognition of the right of return. The question of who started the slaughter of 2008 is contentious, and remember The Goldstone Report accused both parties of war crimes. It seems to be a tit for tat game theory, with the Israelis with their far greater military firepower not showing any sense of proportionality.

The blockades of Cuba and Germany are not analogous. The threat posed by rockets in Cuba was considerably greater, and turned out to be a close run thing with some possibility of nuclear warfare. The stakes were higher. As for the British blockade in the First World War; it was barbaric. The status of Gaza is not that of a state, and while Israel withdrew it occupation it is not clear it has allowed Gaza and its people to live normally.

As for the sequence of events and the facts of the assault on the Mavi Marmara that is the reason for an independent determination, otherwise we are caught in the maw of propaganda.

Why do you think their is a need for humanitarian aid? This fact is recognized by the UN. The Israeli contention is that building materials can be possibly used for what they contend is military purposes. Firstly, that problem can be overcome by reasonable accounting process. Secondly, do not the Palestinians have an equal right of self defence by claimed by Israelis?

An Independent International Court would have to sort all the issues out following accepted legal process and then determine the law, which both Hamas and Israel should follow.

Thanks for comments Stan. I appreciate them.

khater - July 5, 2010

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khater - July 5, 2010

wmmbb hope u re good i wanna talk about other things which u were suffering from it fromabout 2 years ago about your hands i saw the photos and i just suffering from the same problem from about 2 years ago and i didnot find any solve for my setuation plzz if u can help me out just send me back on hubshes@hotmail.com or add me in the same msn at facebook plzzzzzz am tierd from it :((((

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