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Posted by wmmbb in Israel-Palestine, Terrorism Issues.

So what can the Palestinians do?

They have a just cause. They did not arrive in the past few generations. They do not the guns. If they throw rocks, the Israeli army responds with full spectrum dominance. How short of violence response, can oppression be rejected? Accepting the conditions of oppression is a form of violence.

Josh Mitnick in The Christian Science Monitor, via Truthdig, does his best to understand and relate the politics of nonviolent resistance to wider public through the mainstream media, although the American readers are better informed about nonviolence than others. As we know – but how do we know? – nonviolence does not work, which is the point of the story, or at least is the third best option. If violence does not work, can negotiations work, without international support.

The reporter notes:

Organizers in Bilin admit that moving Palestinians away from stone-throwing to the fully non-violent doctrine of passive resistance promoted by Mohandes Ghandi in India and Rev. King in the segregated south of the 1950s is not easy.

David slingshot worked against Goliath, but throwing stones will not work against a nation state apparently indifferent to international norms of behavior and prepared to exercise callous brutality on the slightest pretext.

Israel is not practicing apartheid so much as ethnic cleansing. The survival on their state is premised on violence, so that war is inevitable. Driving people off the land onto encampments on its periphery is simply storing up violence in the future.

Michael Nagler describes more about the working on nonviolence in an address to students of Sonoma State University can be found at Metta.



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