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WHEN NEWS IS THE NEWS April 27, 2010

Posted by wmmbb in Australian Politics.

ABC News Online is just becoming more incredible – such may be the perceived competition of tabloids and 24 News Channels (although the ABC is into this racket now as well).

The online article has no acknowledged author. Apparently:

Opposition Environment spokesman Greg Hunt has labelled the Prime Minister Kevin Rudd a creep for not saying sorry to a family whose son was killed while working on the failed home insulation program.

The scheme was cancelled after it was linked to more than 100 house fires and the deaths of four installers.

Mr Hunt says he is appalled that Mr Rudd did not apologise when he met the parents of one of the victims in Canberra.

“The Prime Minister of Australia has behaved like a creep, faced with a family with the greatest of losses who asked for an apology,” he said.

“He couldn’t bring himself to say the word ‘sorry’, he simply turned his head, looked the other way, twiddled his thumbs and showed there is something missing at the heart.

A whistleblower from the Environment Department has told the ABC’s Four Corners program senior department officials were warned that, without proper training, installers were at risk of electrocution.

The Government has scrapped the $2.5 billion scheme after it was linked to more than 100 house fires and the four deaths.

I suppose it is reasonable to suggest that the news here is common sense. Namely, without knowing roof wiring, insulation installers may risk electrocution. The builder that put the insulation in my roof had actually worked in the roof before. I did not get an answer to question as to whether there was any exposed wires, but they did tell about “down lights”. I would be amazed if what training was provided did not address obvious risks.

It will be of interest what the inquests of the deaths related to the installation will conclude. I imagine that the licencing of builders and building regulations generally are matters covered by State legislation.


Robert Merkel sets out the robust discussion at Larvatus Prodeo.



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