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GAZA AND THE GODFATHER December 30, 2009

Posted by wmmbb in Humankind/Planet Earth, Israel-Palestine.

At Democracy Now, Noam Chomsky describes the “symbiotic” relationship between the Israel policy of dispossession and the support of the United States, particularly in relation to the assault on Gaza a year ago, but not excluding the building of the alienation wall and the depopulation of Jerusalem.

The critical question is what is in it for the United States? Or more particularly who are the beneficiaries, who profits from this brutal policy? The answer to the first question is, I suggest, the house of cards that imperialism built in the Middle East. The answer to the second questions are the monopoly oil companies, although the players are not exclusively American or European as has been seen in Iraq. Then the question become who wages the dog, or in this case directs the Godfather?

Thus, while their is international government, it must neither be one that represents the Global Community or to be democratic in nature, just to consistent with our deepest values, which to remind ourselves are inherently antithetical to the rule of law, human rights, equality and justice. Thus necessarily, as the analogy suggests, threat power must be maintained to keep order, and where necessary as it often has occasion to be, violence must be used. So it goes in the World as the climate change looms over the future of the planet and its inhabitants. Whoever said that human beings were the wise, wise ones?



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