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THE GREAT TURNING? December 23, 2009

Posted by wmmbb in Environment, Humankind/Planet Earth.

Kevin Rudd, post Copenhagen, is apparently thinking in terms of deals between players as nation states.

The poor and oppressed hardly qualify either as people or belonging to real nation states with real economic interests to protect in terms of carbon pollution.

ABC News Online reports:

A non-binding deal was struck at the conference between a number of countries, including Australia.

Mr Rudd admits some developing countries resisted a comprehensive deal for global action, but says the talks did achieve “breakthroughs”.

“There were many countries in the Copenhagen negotiations who wanted to land a deal on climate change which was comprehensive,” he said.

“We had some resistance from various developing countries against that.”

“The important thing, however, is that the alternatives at the end of the day were this: the complete collapse of negotiations and no deal whatsoever, or the deal that we were able to deliver which provides three specific breakthroughs for the future.”

But Mr Rudd says the summit’s outcome will not have any effect on the Government’s climate change policy, rejecting a push to lift Australia’s targets for cutting carbon emissions.

The Greens have argued the deal struck at Copenhagen demands a greater cut from Australia than the Government’s 5-25 per cent target range.

The Government says it will talk to other countries before finalising its target by February next year, but Mr Rudd says he is sticking to the existing target range.

“The undertakings that we made in the Government’s statement in May of this year in the range of 5, 15, 25 [per cent] are entirely consistent with 2 degrees centigrade as a target,” he said.

“That was made absolutely explicit in the documents we released at the time.”

So what is the problem here that produces this thinking? So let us think outside of the dominant paradigm. Consider the thinking and perspective of Joanna Macy:



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