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The thought occurs:  Johann Hari, who writes for The Independent, must be a smart bloke. Pay that as a strike in the win/lose game between journalists and bloggers, but equally pay that as a strike in the win/win game- as Mark Antony said at the funeral. . .

While I was attempting to be hardboiled, as you do, I had an earlier appreciation when reading Johann Hari’s piece on Gore Vidal. I thought that he had got to the guts, or should that be essence, of things. Similarly he achieves the same result, in my humble opinion, with his article on Afghanistan.

Read the article, but Johan Hari also identifies three false arguments for staying the course of violence and inflection of suffering on Afghanistan, so we can imagine ourselves to free of the burden of our humanity and conscience, and simultaneously providing succour to the other purveyors of violence, al Qaeda, in their cave, or around their kitchen table wherever that might be.

Phew! Here are the fallacies in point form:

  • Argument One: We need to deprive al-Qa’ida of military bases in Afghanistan, or they will use them to plot attacks against us, and we will face 9/11 redux.
  • Argument Two: By staying, we are significantly improving Afghan human rights, especially for women.
  • Argument Three: If we withdraw, it will be a great victory for al-Qa’ida. Re-energised, they will surge out across the world.

Oh, and by the way, did you not notice there is a superordinate fallacy, we might not want to notice that justice is not served by violence. Violence is the language and mode of the strong who seek domination to create a world in their image. Truth might be won by persuasion.

Let me speculate, in part because of the ubiquity of global communication, not least the global climate crisis, humanity has reached the end point for the game of politics and iniquity based on violence. If the case, the end game invites a choice between alternatives.

I have just noticed that Barry McQuire reframing his old song, also postdated it:


It is pleasing, and a very positive development, to see that Rachel Maddow is calling out the “Keep America Safe” folks – as if we only have to think about our own backyards.

Our narrative, to offer human dignity, has to include and respect all the peoples and cultures of the Globe.

(Perhaps it might be better represented as the Geoid)

At Counter Punch, Liaquat Al Khan, notes the sequential destruction of Muslim Nations, now including in the chain reaction Pakistan. I concede the observation, but wonder why Pakistan did not develop as a India into a multi-cultural nation? I suspect the answer is as simple as monoculture never create biodiversity, which presupposes tolerance and cohabitation.

Rick Chamberlin, at Common Dreams, incisively reinterprets Martin Luther King (and Barack Obama) in the context and the key of coherence.



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