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Posted by wmmbb in Israel-Palestine, Middle East, Modern History.

Paul Woodward at War in Context takes up Israeli Prime Minister Nethanyahu’s accusation.

The Israeli leader has claimed before the UN General Assembly as reported by Philip Weiss:

. . . that the only example in history of rockets being rained down on civilians–prior to Hamas doing so to southern Israel–was the blitz of England by the Nazis. And the western powers responded justifiably by levelling German cities. So Israel was justified in its actions. And so the west must take on the reign of terror, originating in Iran, says Netanyahu.

And so the photo journalism at War In Context with comparisons:

Children and the effects on bombing during the London Blitz.

Mother and Child following the bombardment of Gaza:

London during the Blitz:

Gaza under attack:

Sderot Rocket Landing:

Damage to Sderot House from rocket:

Barbarism is never enough it seems, and the bombing of the British cities gave cause for revenge on the German populations of Dresden, Hamburg and other cities. So it goes, until we decide no more.


The war mongers backed by the precious war industries have no shame. Adrian Hamilton calls for the rhetoric against Iran to be cooled at The Independent.

It is interesting to observe the contrast that when people among the civilian population engage in activities that are intended and expected to produce crimes they are thrown in jail – as they should be, if only for the time been. (What I thought was disappointing about the case was the belief held apparently by some people that the judgement was in some way anti-Muslim. The way I see it as members of any society we are all in some part responsible for welfare of those around us. If we have allowed such walled-in mentalities to develop, we are in worst shape than I imagined.)



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