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The planet moves along its’ path, one day merges into the next, and gradually the new season begins to make an appearance but Sasha and Dexter look forward to the next walk and somehow we keep going.

Sasha went to the vet, who confirmed that she was suffering of arthritis in her hind legs. We found a new path up the embankment.

Sasha has the light in her eyes: Dexter enjoys:

The race to the top:

There are few obvious signs that Sasha is slowing down:

Oh there are the obligatory stops for which there is common agreement:

Let’s just stop for an intermission. We might agree that the slaves should be free, but will their rebellion be successful other than musically through Khacaturian and the pianist Matthew Cameron:

The high ground has a natural advantage which the dogs appreciate:

Still to appreciate the views requires stopping to sit:

Without getting lost in the landscape or in nature:

And so it goes:

In due course, I suppose it ends for each of us, but until then lets make the best of it, or is there a better idea?

Here is a melody from Canada by Stan Rogers (via Paul Norton at Lavatus Prodeo)

Four-five years seems rather a long time. Who ever bought a beer for forty-five cents? The sentiment is nicely put. Death comes to us all, including our dogs. The way to live for the human mind is to employ the future perfect and to think backwards from death? Individual deaths will never represent the tragedy of the death of the planet, now on the agenda.  Otherwise the mind of nature concentrates perfectly on the present as the still waters and silent trees look on. (Those who understand these things know and express better such realities than I do.)

We will journey again this week to join Friday Ark at Modulator.



1. Judith Ellis - August 24, 2009

The opening lines here are beautiful, wmmbb. I like the pictues too. Love Stan Rogers. He has a lovely warm voice. The lyrics, vocal harmonies and instruments are nice too. Thank you.

wmmbb - August 25, 2009

Thanks so much for your supportive comment, Judith. I thought I might have gone way too far here, or least was pushing limits.

I agree with you fully in regard to Stan Rogers. The magic is that the combination works and it does so because the presence and talent of the performer.

2. Judith Ellis - August 26, 2009

You never go to far–well, maybe I should not say never. 🙂

We do, however, need as many as possible who will push beyond lines of all kind if we are really going to see change and make a difference for others. I am utterly sick of the same old same old and many of us should be “sick and tired of being sick and tired.” This is the quote of one of my favorite people, Fannie Lou Hamer, the great civil right activist, the once “lowly” housewife.

People matter!

Thanks for what you do here, wmmbb. It’s appreciated.

wmmbb - August 26, 2009

Thanks Judith. I had not heard of Fannie Lou Hamer. I will try to always keep in mind her observation:

“Nobody’s free until everybody’s free.”

Our human condition is one of inter-dependence and inter-relatedness as much as interaction as individuals.

By the way Judith, you might be interested in this post the ABC concerning Abraham Bolden – another person I had not heard about.

3. Col - August 28, 2009

Poor Sacha .. getting older is never easy. I just hope that when it happens to me… I am able to carry it with the grace of my dogs. Glad to see she is still enjoying the day.

wmmbb - August 28, 2009

We keep on doing our best for her. The Vet seemed to think giving her a course of injections ahead of the appearance of chronic symptoms was the way to go.

Sash has had a better life than she would have had if she had not been picked up by some kind person wandering around the road who advertised locally. Then she came here. Her enthusiasm and interest to get out remains. I wish she would slow down sometimes.

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