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Posted by wmmbb in DOG BLOG -.
And these days too quickly for me, but Sasha and Dexter seem content to concentrate on the moment.

Sasha recovered, and now seems back to normal:
Both are keen to get out and  then get going:
Dexter, all attention:
“The sweet, smiling life”:
Speaking the same language, comparing tongues:
What do the dogs remember?
When tomorrow comes they(especially Sasha) will still be eager to go out:
Annie Lennox sings “When tomorrow comes”:

We this week now go to see who will be arriving at Friday Ark at Modulator.



1. oorvi - August 16, 2009

Hi Mr. wmmbb,

I am glad to know that Sasha is better. I’ve kept away from the blogosphere for a while because I had been helping these two fight the recession. Still things haven’t got any better 😦

The tongue pictures are good:)

Licks n Wags,

wmmbb - August 16, 2009

Thanks Oorvi,

You are back and that might be a good sign with a reminder of our economic interconnectedness. I hope things get better.

2. Judith Ellis - August 18, 2009

Great photos! I especially like the first one of Sasha. And I love Annie Lennox! I have loved her for many years. She’s fantastic! Thanks!

wmmbb - August 18, 2009


A degree of luck is involved in getting any photo of a dog, since there are days when they choose not to co-operate.

I sometimes have a lot of doubts about the selection of an appropriate video as I am not well versed in music of any variety. I appreciate your comment.

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