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You might ask how can a dog story be one of nonviolence?

With poetic licence, the Dylan song could be easily cast as “tangled up in a blue”. Around these parts a blue could be seen as a fight. As you notice from the photos, Dexter of the blue harness, is not given too much leeway, although he when given the opportunity takes it. We replaced our fence in the back with a real fence (yet to be painted):

Dexter got out the back door, because an unnamed person had left it slightly open, walked pass the the bloke putting up the fence. I managed to block Sasha’s from getting out. Then I was on Dexter’s trail, but in these circumstances, when the call of the open spaces is heard he does not listen to me. As it happened two women walking two dogs came on the scene.

Dexter and the larger of the two dogs appeared to familiarizing themselves, and then situation turned into a fraca that sounded serious. What to do? One response would be enter into the scene with physical force and violence and make the situation and consequences far worse. One of the women started screaming to stop. It worked. Dexter sat like he had being told sit and stopped. The woman said she was normally frightened in these circumstances. There are always a number of different approaches in any situation with different outcomes.  Like human beings if there is a resort to violence, however pressing the circumstances, the results turn out for the worst.

Otherwise events were ran to plan.

Dexter had other things on his mind:

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Sasha stands her ground despite appearances:

Dexter featured at the knoll, but Sasha is not forgotten:

“Tangled Up in Blue” should be included, since Dexter and I had a fortunate escape. Bob Dylan, 20th century poet, has the lyrics:

It seems there was shade of blue in some photos along the way:

And it was very pleasant to see two horses grazing:

Sasha might feel she has been left out, and we cannot have that. “If you see her, say hello”. Francesco De Gregori has the song- “Non dirle che non è così”:

Now we will set our course to again join Friday Ark at Modulator.



1. Col - July 7, 2009

I am so relieved that it resolved as well as it did.

wmmbb - July 7, 2009

It was very lucky Colleen. I retold the episode here but otherwise said nothing.

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