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Daily events and circumstances are so familiar that pass almost without observation.

At the same time, it is true that Sasha and Dexter seem to get a lot of their mostly daily walks. So perhaps the rule just applies to some human who have other, if not better things, to fill their minds. The camera is an impersonal observer, depending on which way and when it is directed.

I have no idea how the photos and music will work out. There are more photos than usual and for a shorter time, which might be a problem. The piece is called “Bailandian Coincerto” A Relaxing Tune, by Musicshake, solely selected on duration. I have never heard it.

We will again go to Modulator to see whether we are in time for Friday Ark.



1. Oorvi - May 17, 2009

Hi Mr. wmmbb,

How are you? I am ok (though absent from my blog:-() Mercury’s trying hard to keep her nose up – rest of her is submerged in work. Just thought I should check whether you are keeping a tab on the Indian elections. There’s been some good news. After a very long time, we are finally going to have a somewhat stable government. We are hoping that this would give the government an opportunity to speak its mind and do things their own way instead of bartering with their not-so-natural allies (the communist party.)

I am off to worry about the flu – it seems it’s come to India – and in India a viral is usually very very viral!

Licks n wags,

2. wmmbb - May 17, 2009

The election results are coming through, although I have not posted as yet. It looks as though Congress with select allies will, regional parties, be the next government.

A flu pandemic in India is a horrifying thought, and let us hope it does not come to that.

As always thanks for the comment.

I am having problems typing because I did not have Dexter secure when we met a solitary cyclist on the bike track today. The lead got caught in the finger of my left hand and tore some skin off close to to nail. Now Oorvi that is something you would not do, isn’t it?

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