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Change is afoot along the familar paths. We will have to see how extensive it will be. 

  Most of the photos are from the what was  described as “Young Gums Knoll”, some down the bike track, with the finale of the Lilli Pilli in the backyard.

The music is No Man’s Land, or Terra di Nessuno. That title could be interpreted in various ways. I first thought “land without sun” would be an appropriate reflection of the presence of grey skies.

We are now walking quickly to catch Friday Ark with Sasha showing no evidence of age and Dexter demonstrating his determination.



1. oorvi - April 12, 2009

Hi Mr. wmmbb,

Thanks for commenting on the management posts:) I am glad you find the canine tips useful. I was here last week and I wrote a nice (and creative, if you ask me,) comment – but then my Internet connection failed:(

Sasha is young. We dogs stay young forever:) I haven’t introduced you to my Koki Auntie (we aren’t related – though some people of the human kind, think that my dad was a Pomeranian – and so… who knows). She’s 15. Of course, her being a Pomeranian must have something to do with her longevity, but she doesn’t look a day older than two:)

I hope you are taking good care of your health. Though you must be heading into winters, if you still need a headgear that would keep the sun out, you may find http://www.flickr.com/photos/35034363287@N01/486511513/in/set-72157600183105736/ useful:)

Licks n wags,

2. wmmbb - April 12, 2009

Thanks Oorvi.

Sorry to hear about your connection meltdown and to miss your post.

You are right about Sasha. She is not slowing down and losing her impetus, despite what sometimes appears to be the case.

I reckon I am improving my health, but I do not know there is medical evidence yet for that proposition.

The somberos look very nice and they would work just fine, but I am not the change agent for head wear in this part of the world.

I especially like your comment about canine creativity, which I think is a subject worthy of further consideration.

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