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Posted by wmmbb in Life Experience.

Annie Leonard says, “You cannot run an linear system on a finite world indefinitely”.

As we put the rubbish bins and recycling bins out – that was last night – we might reflect on the “Story of Stuff”:

“The golden arrow is the heart of the system”. The lifestyle did not just happen, Annie Leonard says, “it was designed”. It was planned, so who planned it and why?

Since this is an American, we cannot possibly have an economic class analysis, that might make sense of imperialism, or the military industrial complex, can we? In the Cold War, you could (quite rightly) be a called “a commie”. Still it gets hard calling everybody “terrorist”, especially if they get shot by a sniper in a friendly country, while trying to rescue a child.

No, Annie is with the program and the idiom. “These guys”, who included Retail Analyst, Victor Lebeau, set up the system. Lebeau said (The Clark Howard Show) said:

“Our enormously productive economy…demands that we make consumption our way of life, that we convert the buying and use of goods into rituals, that we seek our spiritual satisfaction, our ego satisfaction, in consumption…we need things consumed, burned up, replaced and discarded at an ever-accelerating rate.”

In analyzing the consumption system, we have got to mention, mass production, the role of the media, especially corporate media, individualistic ideology (we are separate beings, what we are depends on our merit alone and nothing to do with social circumstances), and materialism. What else?

Some people think a good start is to turn off the television set.

On a personal note, I remember reading that many Roman homes had family altars. Now we have one – one of my ambitions fulfilled. Surrounded by family and other photos, covered with transparent cloth, the black box in the corner exhibits a compelling power -otherwise it is wholly ignored.

I got to hear about “The Story of Stuff” while listening to the Hope Tank at the Metta Center, as per the blogroll.


The most important thing to say about this video is that it directly relates the economic crisis with the environmental crisis, and more specifically our behavior as consumers.



1. victoria ajasin - April 8, 2011

this is very good do.

2. Theosophy Watch - February 20, 2012

Very useful blog, thanks for the mention.

wmmbb - February 21, 2012

No worries. I don’t know much about theosophy, although Gandhi had some connection when he was a student in the UK.

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