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As we go along our way from day to day, we pretty much do the same things and follow the same paths.

The walking may be desultory, between stops for all sorts of reasons, but watzing was outside the vision, until Chopin came along with the exact timing:

The music is Chopin’s “Waltz Number 7 in C Sharp Minor”. For me this first time I have been acquainted with this piece of music. You may be watching what is for me old ground, but the music is a new experience.

As usual we will seek to join Friday Ark at Modulator.



1. Col - April 4, 2009

What struck me the most this week … was that many of your photos showed glorious sunshine. We seem to be missing that here lately. Also enjoyed the horses and the last photo of the cool down had me smile.

2. wmmbb - April 4, 2009

Our extended summer has now come to its end. Thunder could be heard moments ago. We have rain through the week, and high seas on the coast.

(I have just found out yesterday that my local doctor went missing last Tuesday. She was bush walking. The police, with dogs and helicopters, have been searching the area. At this point, it has all the signs of a tragic event.)

I am pleased that you smiled at Sasha cooling off. As for the horses, they add a something. I cannot believe how high the trees have grown.

Thank you very much for your comment Colleen.

(I am hopeful I will do a better job this week. For me it is taking hours to upload to Youtube – so perhaps you experience the same?)

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