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According to the Wikipedia entry the Roman Poet Virgil is responsible for the tag, “Tempus Fugit”. The expression was first recorded in the verse Georgics: “Sed fugit interea fugit irreparabile tempus”, which means, “But it flees in the meantime: irretrievable time flees”.

This week we might have sung of the wind and rain:


Just like the people down at the folk festival, a couple of weeks ago:

Difficult to believe, yet Dexter this week celebrated his third anniversary:

And Sasha seemed happy:

Dexter concentrates his attention:

As ever Sasha enjoys water:

(After the rain I look for leeches. Usually I will see about three of them waving away on my shoes and socks. The idea is to pull them off before they have a chance to dig in which they do very quickly. The good thing is that they do not cause infections, if the wound is kept clean. Of course, I have to  watch the dogs  for them,in particular their paws.)

Dexter in the frame:

Let’s be cheerful:

Time to say farewell for now with a song from across the Tasman Sea :

As we do, we will seek to join Friday Ark at Modulator again this week.



1. Judith Ellis - February 23, 2009

I love the collage of photos and Oceania. I had not heard of her. Thank you.

Weren’t leeches once used to cleanse the blood of humans?

Are they populated in dense wooded areas? I have never come across any.

2. wmmbb - February 23, 2009


I wondered if you would like this song. I do not know anything about the singer or the song. The song grew on me, but I expect it is not to everybody’s taste.

Leeches are a characteristic of bush, or wooded areas, here, especially in summer after rain. Background information, from a television program, suggests that most leeches are aquatic, except that there are land varieties in Australia and South East Asia, which explains why you would not be familiar with them.

3. wmmbb - February 23, 2009


I found more information about the singer and the song, including a translation:

This beautiful song is performed by well known Maori poet and singer Hinewehi Mohi (Oceania) Brought to us popular songs such as “Kotahitanga” and “Hautoa” to name a few. This is not a video clip but is one of my fav songs from this album. The lyrics and translations are shown below: Haere Ra (Farewell) Paho nei taku reo mou (My voice reaches out to you) Tatangi ake nei ki nga maunga teitei (Resounding over the highest mountain) Huri ana te mata o te whenua (Weaving through the contours of the land) Amio ana ki nga moana (Floating across oceans) Mate ana au i te aroha (I am love sick) Karu whiwhita, he kamo momohe (You with gentle eyes, soft eye lashes) Whakamanawa ana ki taku kiri (Warm to the touch) E taku tau, e taku ngakau pumau (My love, my true love) Te tau o taku ate (You are the love of my life) E taku tau, taku manawa e (My love, my heart)

4. Judith Ellis - February 23, 2009

Ah, very nice! Very nice indeed! I love the voice, words and melody of this song. Thank you for the introduction.

By the way, the Maori opera singer, Kiri TeKanawa is a favorite.

Thanks also for the information about leeches. I’ve had some fascination with them after once hearing how they were used for medicinal purposes.

5. Judith Ellis - February 23, 2009

How is your health, wmmbb?

6. wmmbb - February 23, 2009

I hoping my next set of tests will show an improvement. I am still am to take the dogs out, so that is another measure. So my health is probably quite good.

The 92 year old man around the corner puts things in perspective. He is still going strong.

Thank you for asking.

7. Judith Ellis - February 23, 2009

All the very best, wmmbb!

8. oorvi - February 24, 2009


Quietly, they sneak between your paws and attach themselves to you. Quietly, they suck your blood…and you don’t realize it until you feel your toes stick with your own blood – that happens only when they’ve had their fill and when they are about to leave you any way…but then you are so mad at them that you pinch them out…oh…the squishy, slimy things! Yuck!

Good to know that you are fine – stay that way. Mercury’s attached this thank-you-note to my collar – will you detach it please?


Let’s see what it says.

“Dear Mr. wmmbb, thanks for your kind words. This dog seldom appreciates my drawings and there’ve been at least four such occasions when she had actually eaten them up!”

Hey…is that a thank-you-note or a complaint?
(Psstt…Mr. wmmbb, her data isn’t right. Most of her drawings taste better than they look:) I should know!)

Licks n wags,

9. wmmbb - February 24, 2009

Very funny Oorvi.

You are right about leeches. I cannot believe how big they get when they have good feed.

Take it easy on Mercury’s drawings there Oorvi!

I found your description of an Indian wedding very interesting. I had some questions. Is there a marriage certificate issued by the government? Was it traditionally the case that records were kept at the temple? Or was it sufficient for the ceremony to be the record as memory?

10. oorvi - February 26, 2009

Hi Mr. wmmbb,

Glad you liked the wedding description:)

Marriage certificates are optional. These two don’t have one. When about 300 people attend your wedding, and you have videos and hundreds of photographs as proof, you don’t really need a marriage certificate:) But then sometimes a certificate may be needed (I don’t know when – none of us in this legally lawless family knows much about law except about things that we shouldn’t be doing:) – so you go to the court and they issue you one (you need marriage pictures and witnesses to get the certificate.)

Well…that’s all that I know:( I wouldn’t want a certificate if and when I marry Johnny. (Sigh…will that ever happen?)

Licks n wags,

11. wmmbb - February 26, 2009

Thanks so much Oorvi,

Good luck with Johnny.

Sorry to ask the question about marriage, but it seemed to me that India is a very diverse and complicated place,and that turns out to be the case, as you suggest.

12. Oorvi - February 27, 2009


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