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We are captives of time, but perhaps the dogs are not.

It could be one of those difference between us. But I am presuming that dogs do not tell stories, and yet they are unfailingly keen to go out, even though these days to avoid the sun, we go later. The important variation for the dogs might be the scents, not the seasons.

Sufficient reason to include some side views for scene setting:

Buffy Sainte-Marie has a version of The Circle Game:

Sasha is OK to stop here for short time:

Dexter similiarly disposed:

We can pose here if you want:

Dexter will take one side:

Sasha the opposite :

Where is the water?

This is not weather for penguins you know. But then again if we were in Antarctica, “Someday We Will All Be Together” (from BBC, The Art of Landscape):

As long as we are out of the sun, it is cool enough for us:

Sometimes it just nice to be here:

And if we were not, we might be nostaglic:

[The Maori words by Apirana Ngata (1912), sang by Kiri Te Kanawha, are not quite the same as Home Sweet Home by John Payne(1822), put to music by Henry Bishop

Again this weeek we will go over to Modulator to see might get on board Friday Ark.


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