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Posted by wmmbb in US Politics.

Based on the available polling data, The Economist constructed a Global Electoral College for the US Presidential candidates. Barack Obama appears to have landslide support around the planet, with the single exception of Iraq – and that result might be considered doubtful.

You can access The Economists global findings. The global financial crisis underwrites the significance of globalization, especially in relation to currency flows and market psychology, but more generally global technological interconnection has increased awareness.

Larry Wilkerson, who served under Colin Powell, confirms my view that Senator McCain is remarkedly ill-informed:

With McCain, I’m alarmed by the lack of sophistication on issues such as Iran; the bomb Iran [idea] seemed to come out of [McCain’s] passion more than his judgment. I’m alarmed by the people around him; [many] are radicals. They are just like the Wolfowitzes and the Perles of the world. Calling them conservatives offends the title. I have grave difficulty with McCain taking advice from these people. I am concerned with his inability to accept that we have to leave Iraq. Victory is not coming home with trumpets blaring; it is leaving a relatively stable government in place that won’t fall in first five minutes and not resort to civil war. He still thinks that victory was possible in my war, Vietnam, which I know was not correct. Those kinds of things concern me.

The most encouraging report about Obama is that he is open to competing ideas, which makes a significant change from the existing Administration.

I think, or at least am hopeful, that such an attitude of the President, will improve the process of government and the morale of the people in the process. Still it is clear that Obama is mortal and not perfect, just better. Of course, in my opinion, one of the weaknesses of the American presidential system is that voters do not know in advance who will hold the critical cabinet posts, or who is under consideration.

Dr Robert Epstein, via Huffington Post, reminds us all (and me in particular) of the onset of the frailties of age. He observes that both candidates are beyond their cognitive best:

As for the candidates, Obama, as brilliant as he appears to be, has likely started having trouble finding his keys, and McCain, his courage notwithstanding, is probably little more than a ghost of his former cognitive self.



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