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VIDEO THE VOTE October 26, 2008

Posted by wmmbb in US Politics.

Electoral systems seldom are changed, which makes the three significant changes to the Australian system, and the complete makeover of the New Zealand electoral system so significant.

The Americans seem far more conservative, probably because there are more moving parts, and entrenched interests. What is going to be interesting is the degree of voter suppression.

The problem, suggested by the recent polling, is that McCain has to defend States that voted for Bush in 2004. These states include Florida, Georgia and North Carolina. Common sense would suggest that the more likely voters anticipate long queues and balloting problems, including voter machine break downs the more likely they are going to vote early, if that is an option.

Voter suppression is the ace that Republicans still hold. Let us suppose that voters in states such as New York and California seeing the electoral college votes in their state are a done deal will be less inclined to vote. The counter argument is the state of the economic news illustrated by the Dow Jones Industrial Average Index:

The proposition is that the state of concern about the economy will be a driver for people to vote.

Of course with the new technology, a combination of you tube and video recording, the conditions at polling stations can be exposed and broadcast, even if the MSM choose for whatever reasons to ignore them. Predictions are based on past experience:

These electoral process problems go deeper than technology and money. The schmozzle of 2000 was followed by the problems of 2004. What will be the first state to legislate for compulsory registration of all voters? When will California introduce proportional voting so that 55 electoral college votes are distributed in proportion to the votes each candidate receives?


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