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We walk along, stopping from time to time, but most of all we are just relaxing. Unless Sasha, Dexter and myself are confronted by something unexpected. I have to rely on the dogs to be “alert and relaxed”.


Of the two Dexter is more serious, Sasha more laid back:
More or less blending in:

Taking everything as it comes:
We will just sit here:
Shadow play on a smiling day:

No problems that I can see:

We will again this week journey over to Friday Ark to join the crew and passengers.

This week’s music was suggested to me as appropriate music for relaxation. It is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Elviras Madigan – Piano concerto number 21:



1. Coll - August 17, 2008

One of the benifits of having dogs in the family is that they necessitate getting out and walking. Good for them… great for us. 🙂 .

2. wmmbb - August 17, 2008

Very true Colleen, and something that I tend to forget. In my case it is walking interspersed with sitting on rocks and logs. Spending time close to the natural world seems to be positive for human beings, perhaps reminding us that we too are part of nature.

3. wmmbb - August 18, 2008

Thank you for comment Colleen. It is very much appreciated.

4. oorvi - August 19, 2008

Hi Mr. wmmbb,

Is this place far from where you live…or is it close?

In Delhi, the weather has begun to change yet again. The temperature has reduced considerably so we go for longer walks these days:)

The shadows tell me that you go for walks in the evening and that you wear a baseball cap:) So who fetches your cap for you? Dexter? He’s the more active one…right?

Licks n Wags,

5. wmmbb - August 19, 2008

Thanks for your questions Oorvi.

The photos are taken on the land behind our house. I am not sure what distance we go but it might be one or two kilometers. As I mention I break it up a bit.

I am told that our topography here is similar to parts of the West Coast of India, with the continental shelf sloping away to the sea. Eventually the days will get longer but the sun goes down over the escarpment at about 4pm. I am pleased to hear things are cooling down for you

It is always better to have a hat in a land of skin cancer, and while the baseball cap do not protect the ears and back of the neck, I find the peak protects my face from branches in the bush.

Dexter’s preference is for a old soccer ball. How about you Oorvi, what is your preference when it comes to running and fetching?

6. oorvi - August 20, 2008

Hi Mr. wmmbb,

Thanks for visiting my blog yesterday. There’s some good news:) I’ve won a Bronze at Pawlimpics. I won it for the “At Work” event. I’ve posted the winning entry (and the non-winning ones too). I think you’ll like them:)

Fetching…well, I fetch a lot of things – food bowl (nobody needs to ask me to do that:)), my collar (I love to fetch that too!

Things that I fetch because I am asked to are: newspaper, cell-phone, cushion, snack-basket…

Things that I’d rather not fetch are: Cameo’s shoes…

And things that I am required to put back in their right places: my bowl (after I’ve had my snacks!)

The list continues to grow…these jokers won’t quit!

My entries are about my bowl, the snack basket, and the newspaper…the newspaper entry won!

I’ll await your comment.

Licks n Wags,

7. wmmbb - August 21, 2008

Hi Oorvi,

Sasha and Dexter’s “utility” is not so much in fetching as in barking at intruders, such as the persons who comes to read the electricity meter and to check to see that the tree branches are clear of the power lines. As I mentioned Dexter likes playing with the Soccer ball, but I am remiss in not spending time on this activity. Otherwise they make sure that I take them out, so they can inspect the emails you mentioned, and give me a modicum of walking exercise, as Colleen mentioned.

Dexter has been showing his athletic prowess by jumping the back fence to visit the neighbour, while I slept through his escapade. No harm done, as far as I know, but I have had to “fix” the fence, so as to set the bar higher. There are no awards for his accomplishments, only concern. I will go and look at your bronze medal, which you must have deserved and cherish.

8. wmmbb - August 21, 2008

It occurs to me I should include a photo, although I am embarrassed by the ad hoc nature of the fixing. Perhaps I could get Sasha to pose. It would be even better if she would tell me when Dexter goes AWOL.

Well done Oorvi. Here is his bronze medal winning accomplishment at the Paw Olympics.

9. oorvi - August 22, 2008

Hi Mr. wmmbb,


I am sure both Dexter and Sasha look more formidable than me – I too bark on intruders (in fact on any stranger who enters my territory, which is our house and our terrace garden) – but you’ve seen my pictures…I don’t generate much fear in people, I guess! But most people are afraid of any dog…so in a way I do my bit to keep our place safe:)

Don’t worry about getting Sasha to pose…she looks great all the time:)

Another small thing…
I am a girl dog:) My name must sound masculine I guess, because you are not the only one who thought that I was a boy dog…Oorvi means “the Earth” in Sanskrit.

Licks n Wags n thanks for adding that medal link,

10. wmmbb - August 22, 2008


The thought crossed my mind, but I went ahead and made the assumption anyway. Thanks for clearing that up and for explaining the meaning of your name.

Oh by the way, I wish Dexter (and Sasha at times) had more charitable dispositions towards other dogs, but I am sure you are a nice dog Oorvi.

11. Judith Ellis - September 30, 2008

Love the dogs! Adore the music! Thanks!

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