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No doubt the days are lengthening as the earth continues it’s journey around the sun, but at this time of the year we are conscious of the position of the sun in the sky. When the sun goes down beyond the escarpment, the temperature is noticeably cooler.

Sasha and Dexter seem never to lose interest:

Dexter finds time to relax:

And Sasha too is for taking it easy:

Climbing the hill, reasons are found to stop for a closer inspection:

Dexter happy to jump onto a rock:
Time for more concern too:
Canine comparative advantage applies:
Dexter close-up:

Catching the sun:

Putting heads together:

Now where is Sasha?

Another escapade in prospect:

Friday Ark is 200 episodes of age, and we will seek to board for the bi-centenary voyage.

Vivaldi included Winter in his Four Seasons, but it is only part that I ever hear. In this performance Kyung Sun Lee plays the violin in spectacular style:

The violin is the perfect metaphor for the troubles caused by this post.



1. Colleen - July 21, 2008

Our days too are getting shorter but we are far from winter.. thank goodness. ๐Ÿ™‚

I wish I had the dogs ability to see and enjoy each walk through new eyes (and nose ๐Ÿ™‚ )

Dexter looks very spiffy in the blue harness.. is that new? I have been thinking of getting one for Sadie.

Kyung Sun Lee .. a true talent.

2. wmmbb - July 21, 2008

Thanks for commenting Colleen.

It sounds like you had a good vacation in Victoria – and here is me imagining that you might be travelling by car. I have been checking out the temperatures at Winnipeg, and I suspect you must get some very warm days.

The dogs ability to enjoy their outings, as you know, is truly amazing. Yes, Dexter’s blue harness is quite new, since he seems to have grown out of his old black one, and was disinclined to have to wear it. The reason that Dexter got the harness was that soon after we got him he broke out of his collar. I also have the lead looped around my waist. He does not seem to mind, although he is up for doing more that a few laps around the backyard when we get back. He and Jock had great fun, but that arrangement is no more.

3. oorvi - July 21, 2008

Hi Mr. wmmbb,

I’ve got a gift for you, Dexter, and Sasha!
Please visit my blog:)

Licks n Wags,

4. wmmbb - July 21, 2008

Great idea Oorvi, and thanks for including us.
Now to come up with five (dog?) blogs. I will put my post in connection over here on my other duplicate blog.

5. oorvi - July 22, 2008

Hi Mr. wmmbb,

It’s fine if the blogs in question aren’t dog-blogs:) (Though it’d be nice if they are at-least dog-lovers’ blogs:))

Mr. wmmbb, I think you deserve the award. Now the five-blog question is a tough one to answer – I too had a difficult choice to make when River conferred it upon me. But then art isn’t just about drawing neat pictures…it’s about expression of any kind…right?


6. wmmbb - July 23, 2008

The honest answer is that I never thought of blogging as art, although some blogs have that quality.

In relation to photographing the dogs, because they are independent non-human agents, the results are hit and miss.The principles here are conception, patience and readiness. A lot of what I get, if in fact I get anything, is just luck, and then different people would make different selections of photos.

Here is a definition of art:

ART lacks a satisfactory definition. It is easier to describe it as the way something is done — “the use of skill and imagination in the creation of aesthetic objects, environments, or experiences that can be shared with others” (Britannica Online) — rather than what it is.

Looking at blogs from the perspective of art is interesting and gives rise to appreciation. That appreciation it is suggested gives rise to a sense of community that goes beyond dialogue and stoushing and all the rest of form of being in the blog world.

I hope, Oorvi, that is plain and straightforward, as it is intended to be.

7. oorvi - July 24, 2008

Hi Mr. wmmbb,

I think you are right.
“โ€œthe use of skill and imagination in the creation of aesthetic objects, environments, or experiences that can be shared with others” is what makes me feel that your photographs combined with your comments qualify as art:)


8. wmmbb - July 25, 2008

Thanks for that Oorvi.

I am pleased you visited. There has been a new, unfortunate development in the Jock case. Paula left a message tonight to say that someone had complained to the Council about Jock’s barking putting his future in immediate danger.

She was I suppose a little emotional, and accused us to doing the reporting. Luckily, I got to the message first. I will talk this over with my neighbour tomorrow, and then see Paula to consider what might be done. Things are not looking good at this point for Jock.

By the way, Paula has changed her story now by attributing her not letting me take him out to the fact that I did not use the halter, gentle leader. I do not use these devices with our dogs, and I am not walking them on the streets.

Furthermore, Colleen was very happy with the Arte-y-Pico Award.

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