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We experienced heavy rain this week, which meant that on a few days we did not get out. It is easy enough to take digital photos, but putting them together is another story.

It helps, I find, to have a photo challenge. Some theme, however improbable to make sense of the whole and provide an initial focus of attention. Mountain Girl has suggested “smooth”.

The smooth green canopy of ferns covers the track, but the dogs know the way:

Dexter looks back:

The texture of the granite outcrop contrasts with Dexter’s smooth fur:

The typical case – Dexter and Sasha’s interest are elsewhere:

The dogs follow their own interests reflecting their dog natures:

Sasha back onto the track after a detour – smooth operator:

I let Sasha run free, and I am astonished that Dexter does not seem to mind:

Just as well it adds up to a smooth operation, and it means that Dexter and me are more able to negotiate the mud and the puddles.

Sasha blends smoothly into her surroundings:

Dexter is all attention, while the sun is catches his coat :

Sasha is momentarily standing in the creek:

As for previous weeks we will seek to join Friday Ark at Modulator.


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