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The sun rises and the sun sets and life goes on. If it is true that nothing much happens, it is the case there is a potential for things to happen, often that have not been anticipated.

For example, I was climbing up a bank to get a better angle as you do when I inadvertently rock to be attacked by flying stinging creatures that I thought might have been hornets. It turns out there are no hornets in Australia, and even the planes for the Air Force have not arrived. They might have been cicada-killer wasps. I got out as quickly as possible. I had strings all over my arms and legs, but they were no problem.

Sasha now is running free, at least along the the mountain bike track. They can come upon me without me hearing them. In that case I would have to hold back Dexter and put the lead on Sasha – so I have not got that contingency under control. Sasha decided to do some exploration going into thick brambles and then she started barking. I did not know what the signal meant – a failure in dog to human communication. I called, she did not come, so I circled around and then went in to find her. I got a few cuts on the arms and legs. I got her out and she has not gone back there.

Sasha stands proud.
Dexter in the sunlight.
Embedded stories (alluded too above).
Looking forward to next time.

I am not satisfied with the collage since they can look awkward and contrived, but I hope they provide an overview and close view of aspects of the dogs daily trail.

We will again attempt to sign on to board Friday Ark, and will be at the quarterdeck at the midnight hour (our time). The photos including the collage can be expanded by clicking on them.



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