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24/7 IN IRAQ March 13, 2008

Posted by wmmbb in Iraq, US Politics.

Juan Cole asks on his blog:

Why don’t bloggers do more posting of pieces like this AP video, below, about the 8 US troops killed on Monday. We are after all a tv network if we want to be.

And here is the video from Associated Press:

Sure this is not now sourced in the United States, but this is the borderless world. Then it is the idea (or is in this case the meme?) that matters. I cannot fault the reporting on this video, leaving me questioning the news values of the networks – of course there was the Spitzer case. On that matter, Glenn Greenwald is a good reference, as is Robert Scheer at Truthdig.

Juan Cole has further reports on violence in Iraq and includes comments that the Iraqi refugee crises, now numbering 4 million persons is getting worse, and the US Government will not be publishing the documents disproving the connection between S Hussein and “al qaeda”.

Maybe, such maybe, this is cumulative evidence to the effect that application of violence is destructive and does not lead to constructive outcomes, as seems to be the principle focus of the Bush Administration? Have they finished their wrecking and cruel imposition of suffering? Probably not. This war, as others, have proven to be an enormous profit to the select few, at the expense of the many, Americans and Iraqis alike.

Note: OK, nobody told me, but I have fixed that spelling now!



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